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The Five-Day Juice Detox – Day Three

Updated: Aug 9, 2019

I’m still here, drinking my juices away. Believe it or not, I feel great! I hit the Crossfit box this morning at 6.30am, didn’t feel faint or anything! I told you, being on a juice detox actually gives you a lot of energy! Although I didn’t feel hungry during the, I must admit that I really had the urge to eat today; I just wanted to munch on something – but I didn’t!

Day Three looked like this:

Something that makes me very satisfied is people around me who are actually getting interested and want to know more about juicing and clean eating in general. I love sharing the experience and raising awareness about the amazing things nature has to offer. A friend was just telling me that she felt hungry barely three hours after having eaten a big plate of pasta, and was surprised I didn’t feel hungry 30 minutes after drinking a juice. Well, in a plate of white pasta there are no nutrients, no vitamins, nothing really to nourish your body – you’re fed, you feel full for a little while, but your body hasn’t received anything nourishing. On the other hand, in my 500ml of juice, I get all sorts of vitamins, minerals, nutrients, healthy fats, etc. My body gets all the good stuff and doesn’t feel hungry! It’s all a matter of quality vs quantity. I find it fascinating!

Stay tuned for Day Four!


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