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I make the workplace a physically & emotionally healthy place
for employees to operate in.

So they not only come to work but work with more energy and positivity.   

Are you looking to establish a Workplace Wellness program ?  


Just like any other company, you want to grow and achieve your objectives, but how do you plan on doing that if your employees aren't their best selves, if they are overworked, stressed out, and often absent because of poor health? 

Your employees are your greatest assets ; improving and maintaining their health and wellness is crucial.

The workplace is an ideal setting to establish healthy behavior changes, as it is where your employees spend most of their day.


Employees will have a positive influence on each other and create a ripple effect as they begin to develop and put into action healthy behaviour changes throughout their day, resulting in the creation of a culture of wellness within your organisation.

Business Meeting

“The top 5 symptoms causing missed work days: constant fatigue, sleeplessness, aches and pains, high anxiety & weight gain” (Careerbuilder, 2018)

“Organisations with highly effective health and productivity programs report 11% higher revenue per employee, 1.8 fewer days absent per employee per year and 28% greater shareholder returns" (Buffett National Wellness Survey)

“Chronic Health issues lead to 30.4 days lost per employee each year.” Britain’s healthiest workplace report

Why your company needs a Wellness Programme


If any of the below statements apply to you, you need a Workplace Wellness Coach to step in and provide easier, more sustainable and engaging solutions to health and well-being in your workplace.


  • Your employees are unmotivated, chronically stressed out and performing poorly

  • Your organisation has recorded recent cases of burn-outs and increased levels of job-related stress

  • You have noticed an increase in absenteeism and healthcare costs

  • You think that your employees could take better charge of their health 

  • Employee morale is declining 

  • You need new, fresh and innovative ideas to inspire healthy habits in your workplace​

Long-term benefits for your employees
Improved overall health 
Reduced stress & anxiety 
Improved concentration & productivity 
Healthier eating habits 
Enhanced self-esteem
Higher team spirit 
Increased happiness at work 
Healthier behaviours at work 
Increased job satisfaction
Long-term benefits for your organisation
Decrease in  absenteeism 
Enhanced employee morale 
Lower health care costs 
Greater productivity 
Better corporate image 
Improved employee retention & recruitment

Are you ready to take action for your employees' health and wellbeing?  
Contact me for a Wellness Programme consultation and, together, we can establish an action plan to create a healthy work environment and keep your employees happy. 

Let's connect! 

Services & Programs 

Services can be tailored to accommodate your organisation’s needs and include the following:

  • Consulting on workplace strategies and programmes to support better health and wellness;

  • Implementing wellness programmes into the workplace;

  • Learning sessions (at lunchtime or during a staff event);

  • Wellness Workshops;

  • Individual and Group health coaching;

  • Yoga & Mindfulness classes;

  • Content for your company newsletter.

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