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Kansu Foot Massage

The feet are the place where we meet the earth. They support us, allow us to stand upright, to live our verticality fully.  Ayurvedic foot massage is considered in Ayurvedic medicine as the mother of all therapies.This amazing foot massage balances the three doshas and regenerates the organs of the body through the reflex points.  It allows for deep relaxation for the whole body and mind.

Kansu bowl.jpeg

30 minutes, €40

How is this massage performed?


The 30-minute Kansu foot massage is an Indian-style plantar reflexology that is performed gently but in depth, on the soles of the feet, which is the reflex area of the body.

While lying on your back, the treatment starts with a manual massage of different (energetic and reflex) zones of the foot, and finishes with rotating the rounded part of the Kansu bowl on the soles of the feet using sesame oil. 

What is the Kansu bowl?


The Kansu is a small, round, concave bowl that fits in the palm of the hand. It is made of an alloy of 5 metals (Zinc, Tin, Copper, Gold and Silver). Each of these metals will resonate with your body and act according to your needs.



What are the benefits of Kansu?


The Kansu treatment will provide deep relaxation to the nervous system and the whole body. It soothes negative emotions such as anger, treats depression and insomnia, relieves heavy legs, etc.


It favours the harmonization of the 5 essential elements of life: Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether. It particularly focuses on the fire element because, in excess, it causes stress, anxiety, frustration, irritability and anger.


According to the principle of plantar reflexology, foot massage acts on the whole body and brings lightness and appeasement.



Is this massage right for me?


It's a very relaxing massage, suitable for absolutely everyone but not recommended for pregnant women.

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