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☀️ 6-day Yoga Retreat in Spain 🌴
Relax & Rejuvenate body, mind and soul 
in a charming villa with a swimming pool,
direct access to the mountains and view on the sea. 
🗓️ From Saturday 6 July to Friday 12 July 2024    
📍 Polop, Communidad de Alicante, Spain
💰 From €729 /pers.

Summer is upon us, a time to relax, detox mind, body and soul, and rejuvenate. 

Practice yoga twice a day, go for nice walks in the nearby mountains, take a trip to the beach, relax by the pool, eat nourishing & healthy  food, and so much more!

Do you also feel like taking time for yourself and fully recharging?

Join Elise for this week filled with sun, nature, yoga, fun, and healthy food! 

This 6-day retreat is a great opportunity to let yoga be your daily companion, meet new people, connect to Nature and have time for yourself. This is an invitation to leave your to-do lists and obligations behind and simply live your holidays as you please. 


Whether you are an experienced yogi or an absolute beginner. The yoga classes are adapted to the energy, mood, and experience of the participants. Furthermore, you can decide for yourself what you feel like, so if you want to skip a class and explore the area, that's perfectly fine! 

This is a week of ultimate enjoyment and relaxation.

Charming villa with view over the sea & access to the mountains

Stay in Casa Colette, a charming and spacious villa with private pool in Polop, on the Costa Blanca, accessible by air via Alicante or Valencia airport. Polop is a lovely town, perched on the mountainside, it's located inland but is very close to Benidorm. You can venture into the historic center of Polop and make your way up, along the narrow streets lined with coloured houses. 

The villa is quiet and offers a lot of privacy while being only 5 minutes walk from the centre of Polop and its amenities (supermarkets, shops, a medical centre, a pharmacy, etc.). Its location is absolutely perfect for a relaxing Yoga Retreat. Many natural routes for hiking are accessible from the villa. It offers lots of outdoor and indoor space for your to chill and relax and enjoy some me-time. 


Arrival : 6 July from 12pm *

Departure : 12 July after lunch

* Ff you find cheaper flights on 5 July and want to arrive a day earlier, there is a very nice hostel close by: Leon Dormido. 

What a day looks like (subject to some changes and the flow of the moment)


✨ Wake up gently, have some tea or coffee, enjoy the view and the quiet.  

✨ 8:20 am : Meditation 

✨ 8:40 am - 10am : Vinyasa Yoga (all levels) 

✨10am-11am: Wholesome Brunch

✨ 11:30am - 12:30pm : Workshop (Pranayama, Ayurvedic lifestyle & diet, self-massage, and other well-being topics to create more balance in your life)


✨ Free afternoon: time to read by the pool, go for a dip, take walk in the nearby mountains, discover the surroundings and enjoy the quietness and smooth vibes of Polop, or go on a little adventure and take a bus to go to the beach.

Or... simply slow down. Enjoy the art of farniente and do nothing for a moment, quietly sit and contemplate the beauty of nature all around you, listen to the birds, smell the lemon trees, appreciate the moment. 

✨  Fruit and Homemade snacks


✨ 5pm - 6pm : Hatha Yoga (all levels)


✨ 6:15pm: Wholesome Dinner 

✨ An activity might be suggested in the evening, depending on the flow of the moment and the mood of the participants.  For example : Trip to the beach (Altea), to the village, walk in the surroundings. 


Early birds 

Enjoy a 5% discount if you book before 15 February 2024

✨ Room 1 : Spacious private room, king-size bed, private bathroom

View over the mountains : BOOKED

👉🏼 € 979  if you want it on your own

👉🏼 € 749 / person if you share it with a friend or your partner


✨ Room 2 : Shared room with 2 single beds (shared bathroom): 1 BED FREE

👉🏼 € 749 / person

✨ Room 3 : Shared room with 2 single beds (shared bathroom): FREE

👉🏼 € 749 / person


✨ Room 4 : Private room, king-size bed (shared bathroom) : FREE

👉🏼 € 959 if you want it on your own

👉🏼 € 729 / person if you share it with your partner or a friend 

✨ Room 5 : Private guest house with direct access to the pool  - BOOKED

(1 king-size bed and 2 bunkbeds, private bathroom, kitchenette & sitting area)

> ideal for 2 or 3 friends or for a couple in need of more privacy

👉🏼 € 1299/person to have the guest house by yourself

👉🏼 € 899/person for double occupancy

👉🏼 € 719/person for triple occupancy

👉🏼 € 699/person for quadruple occupancy

✨ Room 5 : Private room, single bed (shared bathroom) : - BOOKED

👉🏼 € 829

What is included: 

  • Wholesome vegetarian Brunch & Dinner

  • Afternoon snack

  • Homemade ice tea throughout the day

  • Yoga twice a day

  • Workshops

  • Linen and towels

What is not included: ​

  • Flights

  • Transfer from/to the airport (shuttle can be arranged for you)

  • Taxi to the beach or nearby cities

Prac Info
Practical information

Daily vegetarian brunch & dinner.

Afternoon snacks (fruit, etc.)

Two wholesome plant-based buffets prepared with fresh products and happy

nutritious vibes, to detox your body. You will taste combinations that you might

have never tasted before and will be amazed at how delicious and fulfilling

plant-based food can be. 

Your dietary requirements will be taken into account, let us know how we can make

it right for you.

👉🏼 Participative cooking.

You are welcome to help Elise in the kitchen! Discover her colourful and tasty cuisine, favourite Ayurvedic recipes, and how to make easy and yet delicious vegetarian dishes. Nothing makes Elise happier than cook for (and with) others and share her passion for healthy, detoxifying and nutritious food for body, mind and soul.


Partida Raco 6
03520 Polop


How to get there ? 

Of course by car.

By train: depending on your country of departure.

By air : fly to Alicante (the closest & easiest) or to Valencia

- By taxi from Alicante Airport : 50 minutes (around €80 - €100, it can be arranged for you upon request and can be combined with other participants arriving by air as well) 

- By public transport from Alicante Airport: 1h50  (€10 - €15)

- By public transport from Valencia Airport : 4h (€15 - €20)

Here is a link to a very useful website for the different options. Feel free to ask Elise for guidance. 

info & regis

Info & Registration

Thanks for submitting!

Meet Elise

Meet Elise

My name is Elise Rousse, I’m from Belgium, but I’ve lived in many places across the world. I am a Yoga Teacher, a Well-Being Coach, an Ayurvedic Consultant for lifestyle and nutrition, and Ayurvedic Masseur.


For many years I had a difficult relationship with food, tremendously struggled with body image and self-esteem, and I couldn’t really live at peace with myself and others. My journey to health and well-being started with the plant-based diet which helped me find a sustainable and healthy way of eating after years of junk food, and diet after diet. After healing my body, I found Yoga to heal my mind and soul. Ayurveda came to me a little later as the latest piece of my healing process. Ayurveda is a science of self-healing, the sister science of yoga, it is the ancient Indian art of living a more healthy, wholesome life, through our diets, our routines, and lifestyle practices. 


My authentic desire to help you meet your Best Self, to live a more authentic & purer version of yourself and to find balance in your body and mind. Through my well-being coaching sessions, Yoga classes or Ayurvedic Consultations, I empower you to improve your well-being through small, sustainable, healthy diet & lifestyle changes.


And of course, I'm also a teacher Yoga, I give Ayurvedic cooking classes and workshops, and I give Ayurvedic massage trainings as well. And I have fallen in love with Sound Therapy  and my beautiful sacred instruments. And with all of this, I have created a healing path, for you and for me. 

You can listen to my interview podcast with Fit For Joy  in 2020 to learn more about Yoga, Ayurveda and a bit more about me as well.

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