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The Beetroot and Feta Risotto

Updated: Aug 9, 2019

Beetroot risotto? I was also a bit dubious at first, but it’s actually delicious and it’s actually a nice change from the typical mushroom recipe! My six-year-old niece absolutely loved it, who doesn’t like to eat pink food really?

Also, on top of being very cute, beetroot has many health benefits:

  • Improves blood pressure

  • Prevents heart disease

  • Improves stamina and endurance performance

  • Boosts brain function

  • Detoxifies the body and clean the blood

  • Helps fight chronic diseases

  • Improves digestion

  • Helps with sugar cravings

The recipe

This recipe serves 4.

Preparation time: about 45 minutes.


  • Beetroot – cooked – , 600g

  • Risotto rice, 300g

  • Feta cheese, 200g

  • Vegetable broth, 1000ml

  • Shallot, 2 big

  • Walnuts, 40g

  • Mint, a handful

  • Lamb’s lettuce (also called corn salad) or any other kind of lettuce, 100g

  • Salt, pepper

  • Olive oil


To begin with, have all your ingredients ready and set them aside separately – it’ll save some trouble. When you make risotto, you need to stir continuously so your hands are busy pretty much all the time:

* toast the walnuts

* chop the shallots

* crumble the feta cheese

* grate the beetroot

* finely chop the mint

Don’t forget to cook the beetroot if that’s not done yet.

Now, you can start the cooking process. Fry the shallots in a little olive oil for about two minutes. Then, add the risotto rice and stir until it gets translucent.

Add 1/4 of the broth, cook over a medium heat and keep stirring until all the stock is absorbed. Then add another 1/4, stir continuously until the broth is absorbed again. Repeat the procedure until there is no broth left. Make sure you keep stirring the whole time so you get a nice creamy texture.

It should take about 25-30 minutes. If you see that the rice isn’t cooked enough, you can add some more water.

When the rice is about to be ready, add the grated beetroot and cook for another 5 minutes. Then, add 2/3 of the feta cheese and stir until it has totally melted, salt and pepper to taste.

Display the plates, add a handful of lettuce, and serve the risotto on top.  Then, add the walnuts, the rest of the feta cheese and the mint.

Share with your loved ones, it’ll taste better.



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