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Hatha & Mindfulness Workshop to relieve stress, relax and retune. (Brussels)

Updated: Sep 27, 2021

Sunday 17 October 2021, 2pm - 6pm
€ 64 / person                               ​

Studio Anja Yoga,  456 chaussée de Saint Job, 1180 Bruxelles (Uccle)    

Do you feel tired or have difficulties concentrating ? On the contrary, do you feel restless and all over the place? Do you get stressed by the overwhelming quantity of things to do every day? Are you wondering how you can find some peace of mind in the midst of the busyness of your life?

This workshop is exactly what you need!

Join us for a four-hour workshop in a peaceful and quiet location in Uccle, an afternoon for yourself to revitalise your body, mind and soul.

Elise will guide you through a meaningful, joyous and mindful Hatha Yoga practice, suitable for all levels, which includes Pranayama (breathing techniques), Asanas (postures), and Relaxation.

You'll also learn how to practice Mindfulness, the art of living in the present moment, of being (intentionally) more aware to each moment and being fully engaged in what is happening in your surroundings – with acceptance and without judgment.


* 2pm : full Hatha Yoga class with relaxation, pranayama (breathing techniques), asanas (postures), meditation. * 3.45pm: Healthy snacks and tea * 4.10pm : Mindfulness practice (a bit of explanation and lots of different exercises you can take home with you) * 5.30pm: Mindfulness meditation that will leave you 100% refreshed and relaxed * 6pm : End of the workshop


€ 64 / person

What is included:

  • All activities

  • Healthy snacks and tea

  • Yoga mat, blankets, cushions, blocks, etc.

(It's always better to bring your own yoga mat if you have one!)



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