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The Sweet Potato Toast

Updated: Aug 9, 2019

A sweet potato toast? Yes ma’am! It might sound a little surprising but it’s actually a super healthy and original alternative to a regular slice of bread. If you combine them with some superfood toppings, you get a seriously nutrient packed and absolutely delicious breakfast, snack or meal. I reckon that your kids would absolutely love them as they’re a bit sweet and fun to eat.

In terms of toppings, the sky is your limit. You can be as creative as you want and basically eat them with anything  – just like you would with bread, really.

  • mashed avocado, a little bit of lemon, salt and pepper

  • cottage cheese, some herbs, salt and pepper

  • tahini and sesame seeds

  • peanut butter (haven’t tried it yet but I’m sure it works super well)

  • etc. etc. etc.


It’s really easy and ready in 5 minutes!

Slice the sweet potato, about 1/2 cm. Place the sweet potato slices in a toaster on high until it’s cooked through. You might have to toast them several times depending on your toaster settings. Just try it out.

The health benefits of the sweet potatoes*

Sweet potatoes are an excellent source of vitamin A (beta-carotene). They are also a very good source of vitamin C, manganese, copper, and vitamin B6. On top of that, they are a good source of potassium, dietary fibre, vitamin B and phosphorus.

Sweet potatoes:

  • Boost immune system

  • Relieve asthma

  • Treat bronchitis

  • Reduce arthritis pain

  • Help fight cancer

  • Control diabetes

  • Treat stomach ulcers



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