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The Red Goddess

Updated: Jul 23, 2019

Beetroot is a super food that helps to build stamina and regulate blood pressure, detoxifies the liver, boosts energy levels and helps prevent inflammation.

On top of that, pineapple is good for the heart, it also has inflammatory properties, it combats joint pain, and strengthens the bones.

All in all ideal for athletes, but you don’t need to be one to enjoy it! (See more of the health benefits below.)


  • Beetroot, 1 large or 2 small

  • Carrot, 1 large

  • Cucumber, 1/2

  • Fennel, 1 small bulb

  • Pineapple, about a 2cm slice

  • Orange, 1

  • Ginger, 1-2 cm


I use a cold-pressed juicer, but you can of course use a regular juicer.

Chop all the ingredients in small chunks and put them in the juicer. I usually start off with part of the beetroot and finish off with the rest.

The health benefits of the Red Goddess:


Improves blood pressure, prevents heart disease, improves stamina and endurance performance, boost brain function, detoxify the body and clean the blood, help fight chronic diseases, improves digestion.

Excellent source of folate. Very good source of manganese, potassium and copper. Good source of dietary fibre, magnesium, phosphorus, vitamin C, iron and vitamin B6.


Improves vision, helps fight cancer, slows down signs of ageing, promotes healthier skin, cleanses the body, protects teeth and gums, prevents stroke.

Very good source of biotin, vitamin K, dietary fibre, molybdenum, potassium, vitamin B6 and vitamin C. They are a good source of manganese, niacin, vitamin B1, phosphorus, folate, copper, vitamin E and vitamin B2.


Hydrates the body, relieves bad breath, fights cancer, cures hangovers, helps with weight loss, cures diabetes, reduces cholesterol, controls blood pressure, promotes joint health.

Excellent source of vitamin K and molybdenum. Very good source of the pantothenic acid. Good source of copper, potassium, manganese, vitamin C, phosphorus, magnesium, biotin and vitamin B1.


Protects against cancer, relieves bad breath, prevents cardiac issues, reduces obesity, promotes eye health, relieves water retention, improves memory and brain function, aids digestion, treats respiratory illnesses, relieves menstrual pain.

Good source of vitamin C, dietary fibre, potassium, manganese, copper, folate and phosphorus.


Powerful natural antibiotic, treats nausea, lowers cholesterol levels, reduces muscle pain and soreness, has anti-inflammatory effects, lowers blood sugars, prevents heart disease, helps treat chronic indigestion, improves brain function, protect against Alzheimer’s disease, helps fight infections, promotes gum health.

Excellent source of vitamin B-6 and vitamin B-5Good source of  potassium, manganese, copper, and magnesium.


Prevents osteoporosis, promotes skin and eye health, improves immune system, relieves fatigue and constipation, reduces stress, lowers cholesterol, regulates high blood pressure, prevents kidney diseases.

Excellent source of vitamin C. Very good source of dietary fibre. Good source of B vitamins including vitamin B1, pantothenic acid and folate as well as vitamin A, calcium, copper and potassium.


Improves digestion, alleviates arthritis, improves memory, prevents anemia, boosts immunity, improves blood circulation, reduce inflammation of joints and muscles, reduce risk of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

Excellent source of vitamin C and manganese. Very good source of copper and a good source of vitamin B1, vitamin B6, dietary fibre, folate and pantothenic acid.



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