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The Juicy Veggie

Updated: Aug 9, 2019

Five-Day Juice Detox – Day Five (7pm)

Don’t be intimidated by all the ingredients below, they actually work very well together!


  1. Gala Apple, 1

  2. Pineapple, a 2cm slice

  3. Lemon, ½

  4. Kiwi, 1

  5. Kale, a handful

  6. Spinach, a handful

  7. Celery, one stalk

  8. Broccoli stem, 2cm

  9. Fennel, a 2cm slice

  10. Courgette, ¼

  11. Ginger, 1-2 cm


Juice all the ingredients, make sure you sandwich the kale and spinach between all the other ingredients to make sure you maximise the juice extraction.


The health benefits of Green juices

They are incredibly healthy – and in my opinion, tasty as well. Leafy vegetables help improve health and boost weight loss because they are full of fibre, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals, and plant-based substances that help prevent from diabetes, heart disease, and even cancer. And on top of that, they also slow down the ageing process. Make sure you get plenty!


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