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The Five-Day Juice Detox – Day Five!

Updated: Aug 9, 2019

Day Five! Hurray! The week flew by, but I’m not unhappy it’s getting to an end. I kicked my a** to go to Crossfit early this morning, and I was actually incredibly performant! I can’t believe the amount of energy this detox has given me. Clear mind at work, great mood and feeling pretty good about myself, it has been very satisfying to rise up to the challenge.

Day Five looked like this. I couldn’t follow Jason Vale’s plan for Breakfast and Dinner as I didn’t have any beetroot and blackberries, so I created two different juices with what I had left (and they were yummylicious!).

  1. 7am: Hot water with some lemon

  2. 9:55am: Ginger Shot

  3. 10am: Liliz’ GreenHerbal tea

  4. 1pm: Pear ‘n’ ParsnipHerbal tea

  5. 4pm: Pear ‘n’ Parsnip

  6. Herbal tea and cucumber-infused water

  7. 7pm: Fruity veggieHerbal tea

What’s the plan now?

From tomorrow morning, I’ll go back to my regular (clean) diet, preferably without the snacking in between meals. Now that I’ve broken that bad habit, I really don’t want to go back to it; that was also the purpose of the detox week.

I’ll keep juicing for breakfast; it’s actually the best time of the day to have your juice. Studies have shown that drinking juice in the morning on an empty stomach – and alone –  is the most beneficial time indeed. The stomach is empty and hungers for food so it’ll absorb anything you consume. And by anything, I mean goodies such as nutrients, vitamins, etc.

Stay tuned for the final Juice Detox post in a couple of days!


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