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The morning elixir, warm lemon water

Updated: Aug 9, 2019


Every morning when I get up and before ingesting anything else, I drink warm lemon water – and I love it! It has really made a difference in my day. I don’t really need coffee anymore!

Lemons are an amazing source of vitamin C, a lot more than oranges actually! Lemons are also a great source of nutrients such as calcium, potassium, copper and pectin fibre. They are also a powerful antibacterial and have great immune-boosting powers.

The antioxidants found in vitamin C fight damage caused by free radicals, thereby keeping your skin looking fresh and young. Vitamin C is also necessary to produce collagen for a smooth and healthy skin, delaying the appearance of wrinkles … or at least reducing them.

Lemons are also a great mood and energy booster. As a matter of fact, lemon can also help reduce anxiety and depression. I have read that people suffering from depression should diffuse lemon essential oil, apparently just the smell helps reduce stress levels and has a positive effect on the mood.

On top of that, drinking warm water in the morning has many benefits. The main one is detox; it helps flush the toxins and all impure substances in the body, which prevents premature ageing – and you don’t want to look old, do you? It also stimulates digestion and helps improve your bowel movements. Last but not least, it contributes to weight loss. Warm water raises your body temperature, which boosts your metabolism so your body burns more calories!

All of that in one single glass of warm water and a bit of lemon juice! Try it and adopt it; you can ask my friend Lexie, she has become a fervent believer in the benefits of the warm lemon water.

How to do it? 

It’s pretty straight forward.

Ideally, you should use filtered water, and it should be lukewarm not boiling hot. Always use fresh lemons, if possible organic. Don’t use that bottled lemon juice nonsense that you find in the supermarket!

I squeeze one lemon in warm water, and I drink it before my morning workout. In general, you should wait about 20 to 30 minutes before eating anything.

If you want to spice it up a bit, you can add some freshly grated ginger or cinnamon or even curcuma! And also a splash of apple cider vinegar.

Tip from my dentist: Rinse your mouth well after you drink it so the acid from the lemon juice doesn’t stay on your teeth. Even better, drink it with a straw!



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