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The goat cheese bites

Updated: Aug 9, 2019

Spring is gently settling in over here, it has definitely become my favourite season – summer is overrated anyway.  There is a little park down my street, and it’s simply gorgeous! Japanese cherry trees and magnolias are blooming, flowers everywhere, baby ducks in the pound; it’s really a time embrace new beginnings and to put colours in our lives!

And that’s exactly what I did, I went to the market and bought as many fruit and vegetables of different colours as I could : purple and yellow carrots, bell peppers, red and juicy strawberries, courgette, beetroot, etc. I came home and kinda cooked on a sudden impulse, which was actually really pleasant! I think I had already seen something similar in a cook book or maybe online, but I made my own version of the goat cheese bites – healthy, easy, soft and tasty. You seriously got to try the recipe.


  • Courgette and/or Aubergine (but just a piece is enough)

  • Tomato, 1

  • Goat’s cheese

  • Dry thyme

  • Salt and  pepper

  •  Paprika / Cayenne pepper

  • Olive oil


Pre-heat oven at 180°C. Grease an oven dish with a bit of olive oil.


  • Cut the courgette/aubergine in thin slices (not too thin, they have to handle tomatoes and cheese)

  • Cut the tomato in thin slices

  • Cut the goat cheese in slices, a little less than 1/2 cm


Assembling the bites

Display the slices of courgette/aubergine on a flat surface (a wooden board or straight onto the oven dish if you prefer). Separate them in 2 groups : the bottom and the hat of the bite.

On the bottom slices, add 1 slice of tomato and a pinch of thyme and/or oregano. Then, add the goat cheese, more of the thyme, and a few drops of olive oil.

Place the second slice on top, and finish display another piece of goat cheese on top with a pinch of thyme, salt and pepper. I also added a few drops of olive oil.

Now take the oven bake dish if you haven’t used it, and gently carry the bites with a spatula or a fork. Last touch, a pinch of paprika, and there you go! In the oven for about 20 minutes, until the bites get slightly brown.

What to eat that with? 

Well, you could just have them as appetizers, with a nice glass of white wine. You could also have the bites with a nice salad, something fresh and colourful. Mine was composed of thinly sliced red and yellow bell peppers, beetroot, mushrooms, cucumbers; green asparagus, alfalfa sprouts, arugula, pumpkin seeds and some grilled chicken. Yum yum yum!



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