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Oat Bran & Carrot Pancakes (with a twist)

These pancakes are super healthy (what else, really), gluten-free and sugar-free. They're fluffy, filling and you can eat them with pretty much anything you fancy!

What's the twist? A flavourful blend of Ayurvedic spices, absolutely optional.

Why oat bran? Truth be told, I was out of buckwheat flour, so I went for oat bran (I've discovered it a little while ago and I've mainly had it for breakfast). I'm absolutely thrilled with the outcome!

You can read more about the benefits of Oat bran here.

Just a few notes before we start

* These are not vegan as I used an egg, but you could replace it by a flaxseed egg (

  • 1 tbsp flaxseed meal (ground raw flaxseed) + 2.5 Tbsp water

  • Add flaxseed meal and water to a dish and stir. Let rest for 5 minutes to thicken. Add to recipes in place of 1 egg (as original recipe is written).

* As I'm trying to adapt Ayurvedic principles to "modern" cooking so I have used some spices: cinnamon, turmeric et coriander powder, which gives a vibrant orange colour to the pancakes and lots of flavour. You can leave them out, but I would still recommend a little cinnamon.

* If you want to have them sweet for breakfast, you could leave out the spices, and add some sugar, honey or applesauce. In this case, I'd definitely keep the cinnamon.

* You can also try sweet potatoes rather than carrots. You know. Be a little creative!

* This recipe yields two big pancakes so if you're feeding a family of four, adapt the quantities.


  • Oat bran, 70 g

  • Grated carrots, 70 g

  • (Plant) milk, 110 ml

  • Egg, 1

  • Olive oil, a drizzle

  • Baking soda, 1/4 tsp

  • Salt & pepper

Optional spices for an Ayurvedic twist:

  • Turmeric powder: 1 teaspoon

  • Coriander powder: 1.5 teaspoon

  • Cinnamon: 1/2 teaspoon


Mix oat bran and milk in a bowl, whisk well so there are no lumps. Then, whisk in the egg, a drizzle of olive oil and then the spices (salt, pepper & baking soda included).

Stir in the carrots, and let the batter rest for 10 minutes while preheating skillet to medium heat.

Once the skillet is hot, lightly grease the surface with some coconut oil or butter and spoon as much batter as you want. I made my pancakes quite big, but you could also make smaller ones. Up to you, really.

When you start seeing bubbles on the surface and the edges look slightly dry, you can flip - and cook for another 2-3 minutes on the other side.

I love to keep extra pancakes in the freezer for quick weekday lunches. Simply let any leftovers cool fully, then store in a freezer bag with as much air removed as possible. You can simply "unfreeze" them on the counter top, it's done in no time.


What is Oat bran?

Oat bran is the outer casing of an oat grain. Oat grains are processed to remove the inedible exterior husk of the grain, which leaves behind the kernel called an oat groat. Oat bran is slightly more nutritious than oatmeal because it is higher in protein content, soluble fibre and sugar. It's also higher in potassium.

What are the health benefits?

  • Packed with nutrients (Note that it has similar amounts of carbs and fat as regular oatmeal, but oat bran boasts more protein and fibre — and fewer calories).

  • High in antioxidants.

  • Reduce heart disease risk factors.

  • Help control blood sugar levels.

  • Support healthy bowels.

  • May provide relief for inflammatory bowel disease.

  • Aid weight Loss.

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