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Ten New Year's Eve Reflection Questions

2020. What a year ! Don't even get me started on it, and I actually won't mention a word of it. I think we are all looking forward to a fresh start.

The end of a year and the beginning of a new year is a great opportunity to reflect and to redesign certain parts of your life. Let's focus on that.

I have put together ten questions for you to reflect on. The first five to reflect on 2020, what you’ve learned, what you’ve achieved, what you want to let go, etc. Then the next five to set intentions for 2021, how to bring in more joy, what to call in, etc.

Find yourself a quiet place and take a moment to journal or just think about these questions. A good way to start is by answering (some of) these questions with short phrases or a few words. No need to write a novel here, just write down whatever comes foreword. Write your truth, with open heart and mind.

Five questions to reflect on 2020

1. What are my biggest personal achievements/celebrations this year?

2. What lessons have I learned and how can I integrate this in my life?

3. What am I ready to let go of? (People, habits, time-wasters, beliefs, etc.)

4. In what ways have I grown emotionally, spiritually, physically?

5. What/Whom am I most grateful for?

Five questions to set intentions for 2021

1. If I knew I couldn't fail, what would I do?

2. What will be my "theme" for this year? (Focus, joy, growth, etc.)

3. What brings me the most joy and how am I going to do more of that?

4. What gift would I like to give myself this year?

5. What am I calling in for the New Year?

Happy New Year, dear ones. Happy New Dreams. Happy New Days. Happy New Desires. Happy New Ways. Happy New You.

Love & Light.



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