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What they say about
the yoga classes

"Elise gives very good and meaningful yoga classes. I love the sequencing, energy and music; they all work perfectly together. You come out relaxed and grown."

 - Antoine.

"All week I look forward to the Sunday yoga class! I have never found a class that was as dynamic and relaxing at the same time. There is nothing like ending the weekend and setting the tone for the new week to come with an hour of yoga and 30 minutes of deep relaxation.  Don't miss Elise's classes, it's pure bliss!"

- Cristina

"Elise is a smiling and gentle teacher. She is dedicated and generous! She has an open mind and I recommend everyone to take her wonderful courses! A real beautiful Namaste person!"

- Vindia

"Elise is a yoga teacher who not only puts a lot of thoughts into making her classes interesting and varied, she also has a wonderful humble energy which makes you feel at ease immediately. Without being aware of it, she creates a wonderful yoga atmosphere where you feel safe to try and meet your edge. "

- Caroline

"What a beautiful human being I had the opportunity to meet in a never ending journey: YOGA. Elise is an excellent teacher with passion for what she does and teaches, which makes her a very patient and focused teacher in every detail from pranayama to asanas.”

I highly recommend to people new to the mat and long time yogis as well to join her classes. I am so very grateful for the gift of learning from her.

Namaste  "

- Denise 

"Starting yoga can be pretty intimidating, especially if you don’t feel like you’re naturally flexible or are coming from a low level of fitness. But Elise’s classes aren’t scary at all – she is calm, kind and really knowledgeable about the subject. She encourages everyone to do their best, always gives alternatives for the difficult postures . Classes are a mix of postures and relaxation so you always leave feeling like you’ve let go of the pressures of the day both physically and mentally. And, I know yoga should be about improving your spiritual self (and these classes do) but it’s also a super good way to tone up quickly for summer!"

- Lexie

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