Group Health Coaching


One or two 50-minute group coaching sessions each month, which will include group discussions on nutrition, lifestyle and other wellness topics, recommendations, and a full set of notes.


Group Health Coaching is a collaboration between myself - the coach - and a group of 5 to 12 individuals who want to make healthy & sustainable changes to their lifestyles, diets and behaviour.

Below is a sample of the topics that can be discussed during the group sessions, they are 100% customisable to your employee’s specific needs and objectives:


  • Stress management

  • Healthy travel habits

  • Weight loss, meal planning and healthy cooking

  • Healthy lifestyle practices, at home or at the office

  • Digestion & gut health

  • Physical activity

  • Sleep quality

  • Morning & evening routines

  • Yoga exercises to relieve tension 

  • Mindfulness & meditation


Group Health Coaching gives your employees the opportunity to share their goals, brainstorm solutions, learn from others and gain new perspectives. As well as having me as their 'encourager' and leader, they will have their peers supporting and motivating them as they work to make positive changes. 

The workplace is an ideal setting to establish healthy behaviour changes, as it is where your employees spend most of their day.


Employees will have a positive influence on each other and create a ripple effect as they begin to develop and put into action healthy behaviour changes throughout their day, resulting in the creation of a culture of wellness within your organisation.

Do you want your employees to enjoy all the benefits of health group coaching sessions?

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