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The Power Green Smoothie

Call me crazy (or totally hooked), but  I need to drink my greens even on holiday! I would normally juice but since I can’t take my super slow juicer with me everywhere I go, I had to make smoothies – with a blender then. They are also very good and quite filling I must say. (Read the

If you’re still wondering why you should drink green juices & smoothies, read more about their health benefits below. 


  1. Pineapple, 1/4

  2. Spinach, a big big handful

  3. Lemon, 1/2

  4. Cucumber, 1/2

  5. Small handful of mint

  6. Ginger, 1 cm

  7. Ice cubes, 4


Peel the ginger and the lemon (try to keep as much of the white pith as you can, it contains most of the good stuff); brush the cucumber (same thing, all the good stuff is under the skin); wash the spinach and the mint. Dice the cucumber and the pineapple.

Chuck everything in your blender with the ice and add a tiny tiny bit of water if necessary; blend until smooth.

I would recommend having it for breakfast on an empty stomach so as to optimise the absorption of the nutrients.



The health benefits of green juices:

  1. Contain a powerhouse of nutrients

  2. Improve digestion

  3. Improve hydration

  4. Rejuvenate the body

  5. Give lots of energy

  6. Promote healthy bones and a healthy heart

  7. Make your skin glow

  8. Increase your daily intake of fruits and vegetables



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