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The Five-Day Juice Detox, Day Zero

Updated: Aug 9, 2019

Yihaaah! Tomorrow I’m getting into a 5-day juice detox! No solid food, no coffee, no tea, nothing but slow juices for five days: one ginger shot, four fruit and vegetable juices, and as much herbal tea and fruit infused water I want. I’m all pumped up and excited to rise to the challenge although I’m well aware that it won’t be a walk in the park.

How did I get here? It all started last year when I read Jason Vale’s book Juice Master, Keeping It Simple and then Slim for Life*. Call me crazy but it was a revelation; within a week, I bought a slow-juicer, went on a three-day juice detox (and felt fantastic), and started my blog.

Why would I want to go through a five-day juice detox? I know, it does sound a bit mad! I’m already pretty healthy and fit, but I reckon my body could use a massive cleanse and get rid of its toxins. Drinking only juicing flushes all the bad things, clear my skin and give me loads of energy!

On top of the many general health benefits (see below), I’m also driven by the considerable mental health benefits. When I did the 3-day challenge last year, I remember experiencing very positive effects on my mental state as I was much calmer, and my mind felt lighter and sharper. When you think about it, if your body is well-nurtured and nourished (and yes, it will be well nourished even if I only have juices), it will obviously have good repercussion on your mind and your mood. I also like the challenge. If I can do this, I can do anything; it’s a good self-esteem booster!

And also, to be completely honest with you, I quite like nibbling during the day so getting on this detox will help me withdraw from food. Yes, don’t be surprised, we are all hooked up on food one way or another.

What are (some of) the (scientifically proven) benefits of drinking slow juices?

  • It allows to consume a larger range of vegetables allowing your body to get more nutrients (fresh juices don’t burden your body with digestion needs, and allow it to absorb the nutrients much better and faster);

  • It helps detoxify your body;

  • It helps with weight loss;

  • It helps fight cancer;

  • It helps lower high cholesterol;

  • It improves skin health; (I can’t wait to see my skin clearing up!)

  • It improves your mental state;

  • It improves athletic performance.

How am I going to do this? 

I’m not going to invent a 5-day plan and go blindly into this.  I’ll be following Jason Vale’s 5-Day Juice Challenge, I’ve downloaded the app and will do as he says. He provides with a complete grocery list, recipes, and daily coaching videos which are quite helpful when you’re doing this on your own.

What do I need?

  • Motivation, determination and commitment;

  • A slow juicer and a blender;

  • A programme;

  • Fresh fruit and vegetables (organic products are preferable, not mandatory);

  • Friends and family to support me

Any good tips before getting started?

  1. Be prepared. I managed to buy almost all the fruit and vegetable I need for the next three days so as to avoid going to the grocery store;

  2. Empty your fridge. I just made sure to let my food run down before starting the detox, which ensures no food waste and no frustration;

  3. Get mentally prepared. I watched Jason Vale’s documentary today and read a few articles about the benefits of slow-juicing to get in the mood. Writing about it is also excellent mental preparation;

  4. Clear your evening diary. I don’t plan on living secluded for five days, but I’ll definitely avoid dinner and drinks with friends, pretty sure y body will need some good rest;

  5. Turn off the TV and get away from screens. My mind can also use a detox; I plan on reading rather than polluting my mind with social media and series ;

  6. SLEEP ! Your body will need it. Plus, did you know that your body repairs and detoxes faster when we sleep?

Stay tuned for Day One, I’ll make sure to share the recipes and my first impressions!


*You should visit Jason Vale’s website and watch his inspiring documentary Super Juice Me to know more about his incredible journey from having really bad psoriasis & eczema and severe asthma to being super healthy and skin condition free thanks to juices and a clean diet.)


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