Ayurveda Workshops 

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How to create balance in your body and in your mind
with Ayurveda. 

In collaboration with the Brussels Yoga loft, I'm organising a series of 4 workshops so you can learn more about Ayurveda, your own doshic constitution and how to eat, live and do yoga according to your dosha. 

6 Novembre, 2pm to 3pm:

Introduction to Ayurveda 

Live online workshop

(Buy the replay and watch it whenever you want!)

3 following workshops in person at Brussels yoga Loft (Chatelain)

27 Novembre, 2pm - 4pm:

Vata Dosha

4 Decembre, 2pm - 4pm:

Pitta Dosha

11Decembre, 2pm - 4pm:

Kapha Dosha

First hour of the workshop:

You will learn more about the dominant character traits, strengths and weaknesses and the imbalances and associated diseases of the dosha we are discussing that day. This will allow you to better understand yourself but also to better understand the functioning of the people around you. You’ll receive some diet recommendations, lifestyle practices and other tips so you can create harmony and improve your well-being.

Second hour of the workshop:

You’ll be guide through a practice of yoga, postures and breathing technique specific to the dosha.  

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